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cirugia de cantopexia

It is the surgery in which a slight elevation of the lateral edge of the eye is performed, to increase the inclination of the edge, this allows to give a more beautiful appearance to the eye, almond-shaped, torn look, a more sensual look.

¿How is the Cantopexy performed?

It consists of making a small incision on the lateral edge of the eye, approximately 1 cm, and fixing the lateral edge of the eye upwards and to the side is performed, with a suture that allows the result to be maintained over time.

Cantopexy is mainly aimed at people between the ages of 20-40, it can be performed alone or with upper eyelid surgery (upper blepharoplasty).

Recovery of Cantopexy is very fast, it is one of the surgeries that recovers faster, approximately 1 week after the procedure the person can resume their functions

When performed in conjunction with the application of botulinum toxin and blepharoplasty, the results are surprising, since they allow the entire upper third of the face to be rejuvenated.

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The price of canthopexy is one of its main attractions, due to the rapid recovery of the procedure, the cost is quite affordable, go ahead and request your valuation appointment


cirugia de cantopexia
cirugia de cantopexia

Historical Influences on Canthopexy

Historically, women have sought to give the appearance of sloping eyes, because it decreases exposure of the eyeball, and adds a sensual tinge to the feminine gaze.


cirugia de cantopexia

In makeup, it has always been sought to simulate the inclination of the eye by adding a medial line inclined downwards and another lateral line inclined upwards, this with the aim of simulating the effect of canthopexy.

For thousands of years, women have known that adding this effect to their gaze makes them look prettier and can enhance their beauty. Go ahead and have a canthopexy, an inexpensive and low-risk surgery.

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