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J plasma in Medellin Colombia

Technology is reaching faster and faster in plastic surgery, and in liposuction more research is carried out every year to achieve the best result in skin contraction, that is why Dr. Tomás Feria uses J plasma in liposuctions, I will explain how it works and its features

The j plasma is a technology also known as Renuvion, it uses Helium in gas and radiofrequency, applied under the skin, specifically in the fat and in the operating room, they are causing a boom in this procedure due to its spectacular results.

The procedure is always performed in the operating room, during each procedure a handpiece is used for each patient, which transmits and applies Helium and energy in the form of radiofrequency, which causes destruction of adipocytes, that is, fat, but it also manages to stimulate collagen in the skin, generating a phenomenon of retraction and therefore elimination of wrinkles and folds in the body.

It is aimed at patients with flaccidity in the face, arms, thighs, neck, abdomen, who wish to reduce the volume of fat but additionally cause skin retraction effect

It has been shown that reducing massages do not work, the best option available is liposuction, but if you add to that the use of a device like the j plasma, you will surely obtain a result that will leave you amazed.

Is j plasma safe for surgery?

There are more and more studies that corroborate the safety of the use of j plasma for liposuction, that is why it is used more and more and patients request it for their surgeries, because they want to obtain the best possible result.

Can I get plasma done in the consult?

No, all the surgical procedures carried out by Dr Tomás Feria with j plasma are performed in the operating room, to provide maximum safety to patients and have greater control of the procedures.

After j plasma do I need massages?

Yes, as the j plasma eliminates the fat under the skin, this skin begins to fill with lymphatic fluid, for this reason it is always recommended to carry out at least 10 sessions of lymphatic drainage massages to achieve greater adhesion of the skin to the body.

I had been told that I need a tummy tuck, with J plasma is it possible to avoid a tummy tuck?

Each patient is a different case, but when the possibility of a tummy tuck is analyzed, the excess skin is usually considerable, therefore the j plasma usually fails to retract the skin enough to eliminate so many cm of rolls or folds, that is why A prior assessment appointment is recommended to clarify doubts and assess whether the j plasma is your main option.

How much does liposuction with J plasma cost?

Liposuction with j plasma increases costs due to the necessary inputs to perform the surgery, but the final cost also depends on the number of previous liposuctions and the amount of fat that needs to be removed. If you want to know more about it, schedule your appointment valuation for a more exact budget.

The j plasma is a technology that is ahead of time and is within your reach to give you a stellar result, we are glad that you are interested in this innovative procedure, and we would be more than happy to meet you and have the pleasure of achieving your goals.

j plasma medellin
j plasma medellin
j plasma medellin
j plasma medellin
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