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Neck lift in Colombia

It's a surgery through which an improvement is made in the angle of the jaw and neck, it is performed through skin resection, muscle plication and liposuction of fat in the neck.

neck lift colombia

It can be done in parts, in some cases only cervicoplasty surgery is performed, in other cases only liposuction is performed. It is also performed in conjunction with Facelift surgery in which an improvement of facial wrinkles and a neck lift is performed.

One of the main advantages of neck lift is the short recovery time which can last five to seven days.

It is recommended to use technologies such as ultrasound (Vaser) or retraction(radiofrequency), which allows better adhesion of the skin after the procedure. There is a new technology known as Renuvion (J plasma) that allows increasing skin retraction, reducing the risk of complications, due to the high selectivity of radiofrequency in combination with helium.

It is always recommended to use a chin rest and perform lymphatic drainage massages towards the ears and towards the back of the neck. It is recommended to use the chin guard for at least a month, for day and night to improve the result. The corset-type plication in cervicoplasty is performed through an incision under the chin in which the fat found under the chin is directly resected; Afterwards, the platysma muscles are dissected and a corset-type plication of these muscles is performed, which improves the angle of the neck seen from the profile.

This procedure can be performed under local anesthesia or under general anesthesia depending on the patient's desire and budget. When performed under local anesthesia and liposuction alone, the recovery period can be as short as three days.

Neck lift Postoperative

Additionally, it is recommended in the postoperative period to perform transcutaneous radiofrequency sessions to promote skin adhesion and drainage of fluid under the skin.

Neck lift in Colombia - Price

The price of cervicoplasty has a wide margin, depending on the procedure you choose and the technologies you use, procedures with local anesthesia are cheaper, and combined procedures are more expensive: with facelift or Renuvion.

Dare to improve the appearance of your neck, we have the best tools to help you.

Neck lift in Colombia - Before and After

neck lift colombia
neck lift colombia
neck lift colombia
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