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How six pack surgery is done?

Six pack surgery is a novel surgery, it has been on the market for less than 20 years, it is a liposuction with specific objectives, such as obtaining abdominal lines (six pack surgery), oblique muscle lines, this with the objective of giving a sporty appearance to the abdomen.

It is aimed at people with a low percentage of body fat, approximately between 15-18%, who exercise frequently and do not have radical weight changes.

It is always performed in the operating room, under general anesthesia, with the help of technological devices such as: ultrasound (Sonoca or Vaser) or MicroAire, this with the aim of giving an additional touch to the skin to achieve greater retraction.

The postoperative period is extremely important, it always requires performing lymphatic drainage massages, and using a girdle with accessories to enhance the result.

Additionally, we perform liposuction on the back, derriere and, if the patient wishes, gluteal lipotransference in the same surgery.

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