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Calf implants, is a surgery with a long tradition, which is performed with the aim of increasing the volume of the calf, in men and women.

It is an ideal surgery for people who exercise a lot, and wear shorts frequently, to show off more harmonious, voluminous and toned calves.

How it is performed?

An incision is made in the upper part of the calf, which is hidden in the folds of the leg.

What implants are used?

Anatomical polytech implants are used, which bring a pre-designed shape, which fits perfectly in the surgical pocket, and is made of silicone highly cohesive that does not change position or fluctuate.

An implant is inserted for each leg, it is usually not very painful

What medical disability will I have?

About 7 days, plus the patient should not exercise for 45 days after surgery.

calf implants
calf implants
calf implants
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