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tomas feria cirujano plastico

Dr. Tomás Feria Romero, born in Medellín,Colombia, studied medicine at the University of Antioquia, where he graduated with distinction in 2013. In the last year of medical school, he did an internship with Harvard University in agreement with the University of Antioquia, where he spent several months in the city of Boston, and had the opportunity to learn about plastic surgery in depth and decided to follow this path. Upon his return to Colombia, he began to study plastic surgery at the same University of Antioquia, where he graduated in 2018 as a Plastic, Maxillofacial, Hand and Aesthetic Surgeon

Currently, he works as a plastic surgeon in several clinics in the city, dedicating his efforts to the areas that he is most passionate about.

The objective of his patient care is to provide 100% safe care, based on the most current medical evidence, always with the aim of helping people in their purposes; improving basic health and the constant search for well-being.

Dr. Tomás feria is fluent in English and French, attends each year several patients from the United States, England, France and countries that dominate these languages, allowing him to accurately identify the needs of his patients, follow up more cordially and provide more personalized attention.

He has a work team of: masseurs, administrative assistants, clinic nurses wounds, all this allows a comprehensive management of the postoperative period of each patient.

Among his hobbies are soccer practice, reading, science fiction movies and all the news related to technology.

One of his main qualities is his professional ethics. If he believes that his patient does not require surgery, he will tell him immediately. In the same way, if he believes that his patient does not benefit from a procedure, he will also explain why and the reasons that lead him to make that decision.

Allow me to know you and help you meeting your goals.

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