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Revision Rhinoplasty Colombia

If you have had nose surgery in the past and did not obtain the desired result, you can schedule your evaluation appointment to take a detailed medical history and determine if you are a candidate for revision rhinoplasty.

Generally, surgeons divide the nose into several parts: the tip, the wings, the back, and in consultation we try to determine which part is affected and what options there are to correct them, we draw up a route plan with the patient and define the surgical options. that can be implemented for a revision rhinoplasty

It is one of the most complex surgeries in plastic surgery because the skin after rhinoplasty adheres quite strongly to the cartilaginous framework, therefore skin care becomes a fundamental factor to be able to perform revision rhinoplasty.

It all begins with an assessment appointment, taking pre-surgical photos, diagnosing all of the patient's needs, analysing all surgical options between the surgeon and the patient, analysing all possible results to be obtained and scheduling of the revision rhinoplasty.

Revision Rhinoplasty Medellin
Revision Rhinoplasty Medellin

The most common causes of consulting are: low dorsum of the nose, asymmetry of the nostrils, deviated tip. Most revision rhinoplasties are performed with costal cartilage, which means that a small fragment of the rib must be extracted, which measures 4-5 cm and serves to reshape the nose and solve the problem in question. This scar on the ribs in most cases does not cause any functional or aesthetic alteration.

Is revision rhinoplasty outpatient or am I hospitalized?

It is an outpatient procedure, lasting approximately 5 hours. The patient returns home with nasal packing and a metal splint on the back of the nose. Two days after surgery, the nasal packing is removed and the nasal splint is removed a week later. In the thorax, where we take the rib graft, there are no stitches to remove.

My problem is at the tip of my nose, it is small, do I need a rib graft for revision rhinoplasty?

In certain cases, rib grafts can be avoided and ear grafts can be taken, which neither causes any deformity.

Will I need a lot of sick leave after my revision rhinoplasty?

The disability time is the same as a conventional rhinoplasty, approximately 15 days, although emphasis is placed on the need to avoid trauma, sleep on your back, with several pillows to reduce swelling and optimize the result.

Be encouraged to schedule a consult with Dr Tomas Feria, and perform your secondary rhinoplasty now.

Revision Rhinoplasty Before and After

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